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NoiseKICK FX Gregg’s Place Reverb 2017


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In good working condition. Signs of light use from being on display. From NoiseKICK FX:

Easy now fuzzy little man peach.

Here’s the “Gregg’s Place Reverb”.

The 3 knob controls: ‎baileys, creamy, the funk (mix, tone, trails) will capture the tone of the one and only scaly fish-man’s mangina.

Go from a short also back to long cavernous trails. But be careful, this ones as close as you can get to Bailey’s without gettin’ your eyes wet.

Light up blue led eyes and wired for true bypass.

Handmade using high quality components including a ‘Belton Brick’ for the circuitry.

These are made in small batches by hand ya motha’lickas!



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