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Fender Twin Reverb 1972 Silverface Tube Combo Amplifier


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Here’s the classic gigging tube amp in the flesh. This particular Twin features the drip edge around the edge of the grille cloth, indicative of an amplifier from 1968. However the chassis, according to the code on the back, dates it to 1972. Either way, this amp completely rips. Loaded with a set of Celestion Vintage 30’s, it’s able to retain a clean sound at practically any volume; it’s got plenty of headroom even if you’re 9 feet tall. Accuracy is the name of this amp’s game. Whatever you dial in it’ll deliver in spades. It’s reverb is ridiculously lush, a little is able to go a very long way. It’s tremolo currently has the ability to go very deep in it’s depths or more subtle and nuanced – the tremolo does have a noticeable clock noise that’s more audible when the depth knob is turned up pretty intensely. Cosmetically this amp shows use of wear from shows or elsewhere; the grill clothe has some minor hitches, but nothing truly noticeable from that far away. Also the face plate has some very minor loss of screen printing and the bottom lip of it is bent downward a bit. Nothing that affects the playing ability or integrity of the amp, however. Don’t miss out on this staple amp!



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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 24 in


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