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Fender Bassman 20 1×15 18 Watt Vintage Tube Combo Amplifier


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This Bassman is truly a sleeper of an amplifier. Made during the Rivera era between 1980 – 1982, it features 18 watts of tube power driven by a set of 6V6 power tubes and a pair of 7025 preamp tubes being delivered through the voice of an awesome 15″ speaker. All of this adds up to an amplifier that’s amazingly present in the air, able to be very punchy at certain settings or very subdued and can sit in a mix transparently at other settings. This amp has been in one family it’s whole life and cosmetically it’s in great shape – the grille cloth is a touch frayed but the tolex is in outstanding condition. For an amp of it’s dimensions (24-1/2″ tall x 17″ wide x 11-1/2″ deep) it definitely packs a bigger wallop than it leads on just by looking at it. It’s not every day you see one of these, don’t miss out!

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Weight 89.0 lbs
Dimensions 405 x 24 x 16 in



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